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Posted on May 26, 2010 by admin

The 1980s was a decade of powerful women. Whether it’s the femme fatales of Dallas or Dynasty or it’s pop superstars like Madonna – the 1980s was the first decade that was truly defined by its women. This makes an 1980s fancy dress party perfect for girls, who will not only have loads of style options to choose from, but will have plenty of female 80s style icons to imitate with fancy dress.

Undoubtedly the queen of 80s fashion was Madonna, and therefore she is the ideal template for 80s outfits. In fact her 80s styles where so diverse that choosing exactly what Madonna look to go for is a real challenge. Of course you don’t have to go the whole hog and dress entirely as Madonna, and you could use her style to inspire a more modest look by, for example, wearing some large earrings and having your hair teased.

If a Madonna costume is a little to obvious for your tastes, never fear, as she’s not the only 80s superstar. In fact there are loads of other female stars that are perfect for drawing inspiration from for 80s outfits! For example, perhaps you are going as a couple, in which case you and your partner could opt for the iconic style of Dirty Dancing. Or maybe you want to truly make an impact, in which case the flamboyant style of Cyndi Lauper is a great fancy dress look to copy.

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