Fancy Dress on the Cheap

Posted on April 13, 2011 by admin

Remember the days of making witch fancy dress costumes out of bin liners and superhero costumes out of painted old cardboard boxes? We shudder to remember such dark days! Providing great value, creative, diverse kids and adult fancy dress costumes was our dream for years… and now it’s come true! It’s almost like a real life pantomime genie granted our wish (and we didn’t ruin it by being the type of person who said “I wish for three more wishes”!)

Anyway, we understand that you might not get much of a chance to wear those 70s fancy dress flares, dirty costumes, ladies 80’s legwarmers etc, so we do our best to keep cost to a minimum. By including accessories with an outfit we aim to save a few pennies on your behalf too (and man hours trailing the market for neon leg warmers!)

70s Mens Liquid Design Suit

If you’re not really up for investing in an entire outfit, the thrifty option of just buying a few telling accessories, wigs, masks or face paint is always an option. Check out the relevant areas (you can find them on the left-hand menu near the bottom) and see if you can’t spot the ideal frugal solution to all your fancy dress woes.

Fancy dress should be fun, creative, exciting and accessible to all, so don’t panic about your budget, just browse our website for the perfect cheap solution.

Our top tip of the day – a red hooded tracksuit top, plus jeans, plus E.T mask equals the easiest fancy dress costume ever!

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