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Get the look… The Nightmare before Christmas Comments Off on Get the look… The Nightmare before Christmas

Posted on December 03, 2013 by admin


If there’s an antidote to the onslaught of mainstream Christmas cheer, it’s Tim Burton’s classic stop-motion cinematic The Nightmare before Christmas. Starring the residents of Halloweentown, this dark musical is a favourite at Halloween as well as Christmas and is the favourite of those who like to take a break from the traditional carols of the season.

To celebrate this merriest of seasons, we’re helping you get the look that defines this film, so get your black and white make-up at the ready!

The make-up method

Sally may look pretty creepy, but her innocent nature and desire for adventure make her a perfect choice at this time of year. Costume make-up artist Mystique has got the low-down about how to achieve the Sally look.

Despite the complex and precise finished look, it’s clear that this is one kind of fancy dress that’s actually pretty easy to achieve. Blending colours and applying fine detail has never looked easier thanks to Mystique’s relaxed and calm application.

The products

Some of the features, such as the delicate areas around the eye, are best treated with standard eye make-up such as eye shadow and eye liner. However, the main parts of the face require specialised face paint.


As you can see from the video, the face paint requires shades of green, blue and grey, all of which can be found for the make-up used for a ‘ghoul’ costume. White, of course, is the founding colour of the skin make-up and is best used in a liquid form. Finally, shading and definition should come from a light grey and gently applied across the collarbone and neck.

The alternative looks

Putting your own spin on the look is one of the most exciting things about costume make-up and the greatest thing about The Nightmare before Christmas is the huge cast of amazing characters. Whether you choose to be inspired by the characters themselves or perhaps the stunning scenery, there is much to be experimented with using this film.

image one

This eye make-up is ideal for those looking for a slightly more subtle way in which to bring the Tim Burton magic into their Christmas make-up. Including Oogie Boogie and Zero, the design also includes the pivotal hilltop scene between Sally and Jack, resulting in a stunning design.

image two

This second image is incredibly impressive. While the look may not include a huge amount of make-up, combining a steady hand with a very fine brush has resulted in this beautiful design that uses the buildings as the main inspiration. The artist has also paid tribute to Sally with the stitches along the mouth.

image three

Of course, the hero of the story is Jack himself and the artist in this image has helpfully shown us how to create his look using only make-up! This is a little more complicated than the make-up for Sally, but with a steady hand and a pinch of confidence, this is yet another look that would fit right into any Nightmare before Christmas themed celebration.

If you are getting dressed up for Christmas, send in your pictures and we’ll feature them on our Facebook page!

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Get the look… Après ski Comments Off on Get the look… Après ski

Posted on November 25, 2013 by admin


Oh, the weather outside is frightful… But inside we have a roaring log fire, plenty of chilled drinks and great times with friends ahead!

Whether you’re heading out to the slopes this winter, or you’re just looking to recreate the après ski vibe at home, there’s nothing quite like slope style to make you feel Christmassy wherever you’re celebrating this year.

Slope style is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort, with practical and warm clothing transformed into super stylish atire.

If you’re less inclined to fork out hundreds for a cashmere cardie, never fear! We’ve created the ultimate guide to après ski style for everyone without breaking the bank before the big day!

The make-up method

An après ski look takes advantage of the cool weather and works well for an all-round winter look! Beauty expert Bethany Mota created this brilliantly fun and fabulous tutorial to help everyone achieve the winter look this season!

This is a fantastically understated look that would work really well from day to night – perfect for après ski! We love the slight shimmer on the eyeshadow which is a great way to bring glitter into day-to-day life! Bethany clearly knows her stuff and applies the make-up with a confident and laid-back flourish.

The products

Après ski is super laid back, so everyday clothing such as skinny jeans and a soft, comfortable knitted jumper work really well for a starting point. There are a few extra items that will finish off the look and make you look like you’ve stepped straight off the slope!

Anyone holidaying on the slopes knows that it gets really cold, whether you’re skiing or meeting friends for a party! Christmas gloves are a fun and toasty way to bring the holiday spirit into your outfit without going over the top.

No après ski outfit is complete without some (fake) fur! The best way to use fur for après comes in the form of the boots; however, rather than buying some brand new fur boots, adding some fake fur leg warmers over a pair of your best loved booties will create the look without breaking the bank!

The alternative looks

If you’re looking to put your own twist on this style, there are lots of great alternatives out there for people feeling a little more daring! Whether you bring in a fun edge or prefer something a little more Christmassy, have some fun with the look and make it your own!


While the eye make-up in this look is very similar to that in the tutorial video, it also has a slightly brighter lipstick making it fun whilst remaining understated. Healthy looking cheeks are also a must, so complement your bright lipstick with some blush across the cheekbones.


Is there anything more wintery than snow and ice? When you’re hitting the slopes you’re guarenteed to come across plenty of it so bring these icy colours into the make-up! The blue is balanced with darker pink colours and make the eyes really pop!


The most daring look of them all, this style almost transforms the face into a blank canvas with complete focus upon the lips. Using the winter favourite Vaseline, you can easily create the eye make-up along with some mascara resulting in really smooth skin, leaving you with plenty of time to create your own dark and dusky lips.

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Super cute seasonal pooches! Comments Off on Super cute seasonal pooches!

Posted on November 15, 2013 by admin

We Brits can’t get enough of our four-legged friends. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are truly our favourite furry companions so there’s no wonder that we try to get them as involved in Christmas as we humans!

Gifts, doggy advent calendars and the leftovers from the Christmas dinner aren’t enough for our beloved canines though…we want them to dress up too! Lucky for us, the web has plenty to offer when it comes to seasonal pup pictures – get ready to feel Christmassy!

The reindeer collective


Santa can keep Rudolf when we have these super cute (and pretty funny) dogs dressed like reindeers!


BeFunky_reindeer dogs.jpg

Santa’s little helpers


Whether they’re helping the big man deliver his presents or simply spreading some Christmas cheer, these little helpers are making sure Christmas runs smoothly!


BeFunky_santas helpers.jpg

Driving home for Christmas…


These dogs took the Chris Rea song a little too close to heart and are making sure that their buddies make it home in time for Christmas!



Have you ever dressed up your beloved pooch? We’d love to see your pictures and hear your stories! Send us a tweet @fancydressball or leave a comment!

Image source:

Image One – one, two, three

Image Two – one, two, three

Image Three – one, two, three

Christmas make-up ideas Comments Off on Christmas make-up ideas

Posted on November 08, 2013 by admin

Now that Halloween is over for another year, we’re left with the short two month run up to Christmas. Aside from frantic Christmas shopping and decorating the house, the Yuletide season also brings with it an abundance of parties.

So to help you prepare for the Christmas party season, we’ve put together a list of fabulous make-up ideas, from subtle and elegant looks for the office party to styles that will add drama to your Christmas costume.

One of the best ways to glam up Christmas-style this season is experimenting with shimmering eye shadow and bright colours. Checkout this video tutorial on how to get this glittery look!



If you’re thinking of going for a bolder styles then why not experiment with red eye shadows for a more dramatic look?


Red and black


Using a combination of sparkling eyeliner and bold green and pink shadows will give you this fantastic effect.


Pink and green


Transform your eye makeup into a work of art with this “Nightmare before Christmas” scene!




If you’re thinking of going for something a little more subtle (yet glittery), then try this gold-themed look using a combination of gold eye shadow, false eyelashes and subtle eyeliner wings.




Images via

Video: Youtube

Image one: Pinterest

Image two: Pinterest

Image three: Pinterest

Image four: Pinterest


Top 4 Christmas Costumes for Kids Comments Off on Top 4 Christmas Costumes for Kids

Posted on December 11, 2012 by admin

If there is anything kids love (almost) as much as the presents in this festive season, it’s dressing up! Whether it’s for a school nativity play or a party at home, fancy dress is amongst the favourite things of any child.

Our childrens Christmas costumes are the perfect opportunity to make this an extra special holiday for your kids. We’ve put together a top 4 list to give you some inspiration:

Little Ginger Man costume

If you really want your little boy to win the cutest costume prize this Christmas, the little gingerbread man outfit is the perfect choice. It comes in sizes that range from 3 to 9 years old and is complete with the trousers, top, headpiece and gloves.

Children’s Mary costume

Ideal for a nativity play, this Mary costume fits ages 4 to 12 and comes with the headpiece and robes to complete the look. This one is sure to make the school play one to remember for all the parents as well as the kids!

Reindeer costume

Who can go through Christmas without dressing up as a reindeer? This reindeer jumpsuit is a great way to put a big smile on your little boy’s face (and its cosiness might just send him to sleep went you want to put your feet up!).

Santa’s Little Helper costume

Go even cuter with the Santa’s Little Helper costume for your little girl. It’ll certainly be a Christmas to remember with your little one running around in character, handing out presents to all the family!

Top 20 Awesome Christmas Costumes Comments Off on Top 20 Awesome Christmas Costumes

Posted on November 22, 2012 by admin

We’re all stocked up for the festive season and are on a crusade to keep Britain warm with a healthy dose of fancy dress fun, so take a look at our selection of the top 20 Christmas fancy dress costumes this year – we’ve got all you need for a winter full of warmth and laughter!

(Click on the images to go to the costumes)

1.       Fever Hot Stuff Santa costume

This Santa outfit really is fever hot! Coming in 3 different sizes, it is well finished with Christmassy red bows decorating the hips. You can style it up with some of the many accessories we have in store from sparkling red Dorothy style slippers to sexy striped suspenders.

2.       Sexy Snowman costume

You can melt the snow in this smoking hot sexy snowman costume. The bodice style dress is silky soft and is designed to fit your contours with a fun, ruffled skirt. The only choice you have to make is what leg wear to pair it up with!

3.       Christmas Tree costume

You can deck the halls with this stunning Christmas tree costume! Easy to wear and super comfortable, anyone can pull this off. It comes with star topped-hat, tinsel and stars.

4.       Santa Baby Burlesque costume

This is the ultimate festive treat! If you are looking for a costume that blends Christmas with the world of burlesque, this is the one for you! There are so many fun accessories that go with this one, from burlesque feather boas to red hold up fish net stockings.

5.       Fever Elf costume

Santa’s helpers never looked so good! This fever elf costume is perfect for a group costume if you are all going for a Christmas motif. It comes with elf hat and flirty tutu style skirt.

6.       Miss Snowman costume

Bring your snowman to life with this classic Christmas tale inspired outfit. It is perfect for outdoor parties with its long sleeve style and if you are looking for footwear to match, why not go for our white lace up knee boots?

7.       Red Hot Reindeer costume

Rudolf will have to take a back seat, there’s a new reindeer in town and this one is red hot! Making it a couple’s costume is really easy so why not make a whole team of reindeer?

8.       Saucy Pud costume

When you hit the Christmas party you can guarantee no one will have thought of this one! So while the other girls are comparing Santa costumes you can stand out from the crowd with this saucy and surprisingly seductive Christmas pud costume!

9.       Clockwork Angel costume

The clockwork angel costume sits at the top of any tree! It comes with full snow-white, gold trimmed dress and angel wings.

10.   Fever Naughty Nutcracker costume

Take the beloved Christmas ballet to a new level with this stunning original outfit complete with matching hat!

11.   Fever Rudolf Kini

Maybe this is one for the indoor party only! Only the brave will try to pull this costume off but it will certainly get you noticed!

12.   Red & White Striped Sport Santa costume

The perfect opportunity to shake your belly like a bowl full of jelly! This fun striped Santa costume is a little out of the ordinary but is really comfortable and airy and is one you will be able to handle all night.

13.   Christmas Pudding costume

All you need for this costume is a black pair of trousers, everything else is included! It really is a no hassle outfit you can move around in fairly easily but is still enough of a statement to be a talking point.

14.   Reindeer Second Skin Costume

Morph suits are one of the biggest crazes to hit the fancy dress scene in years. So, to stay in keeping with the season, why not go for this second skin reindeer outfit with a handy pouch for your belongings?

15.   Gingerbread Man second skin costume

Staying in the same vein, this gingerbread man skin takes the biscuit! The happy expression brings more fun to the morph suit fashion.

16.   Comedy Turkey costume

Always a Christmas favourite is the turkey. Make sure you get yours from Fancy Dress Ball to ensure levels of quality as well as levels of hilarity!

17.   Inflatable Snowman costume

This is the ultimate snowman costume and comes with hat and scarf, all you need to add is yourself! It’s surprisingly light and airy so you won’t have to worry about partying all night long.

18.   Super Santa costume

Super Santa is an original slant on the holiday hero. To stand out from the hoard of St. Nicks this year get your hands on this all in one.

19.   Santa Second Skin costume

The third morph suit on the list is Father Christmas himself. Coming complete with morph fabric sack this could be the most festive second skin yet!

20.   Deluxe Santa costume

Trousers, boots, beard, jacket and hat, do you need anything else from a classic Santa costume? Well, if you don’t have the belly, you can always bag yourself one of our inflatable ones to complete your costume.

The Best Couples Costumes for Christmas Comments Off on The Best Couples Costumes for Christmas

Posted on November 14, 2012 by admin

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching and, as standard, the coldest time of year is hot on its tail, so we all need to start thinking of ways to keep warm over the next few weeks.

Thankfully, we’ve stumbled upon a great deal of couple’s costumes that are ideal for a bit of extra warmth over this festive period. Take a look at our best picks below and see who you want to keep you warm this Christmas:

Mr & Mrs Santa Claus

Who is Santa Claus without the lovely Mrs Claus? Our deluxe Santa costume is the perfect way to keep your partner warm this year; it includes the full jacket and trousers, the hat and some gloves, so there’ll be no Christmas shivers about town this year. The Miss Santa costume is the perfect accompaniment to keep the busiest man of the season comfortable.

Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Woman

Now if you’re looking for something a little quirkier, these gingerbread outfits are perfect for you. They’re sure to catch the eye if you go out in public dressed like this and, what’s more, it’ll give all the Mr & Mrs Santa Clauses a run for their money!

Mr & Mrs Elf

Santa, again, wouldn’t be Santa without his famous elves. Now you can be the couple that makes Christmas with the couple’s elf costume. Get a bit cheeky this year with a green tunic, an elf hat and a healthy dose of Christmas spirit!

Iconic Costumes: Santa Claus Comments Off on Iconic Costumes: Santa Claus

Posted on November 09, 2012 by admin

It is getting to that time of year again. Christmas lights are being switched on all around the country, Christmas shopping is starting (for the organised amongst us) and fancy dress costumes are being planned.

Now, the quintessential image of Christmas is that of Father Christmas himself: Santa Claus. Is there are more festive, feel-good costume out there than that big red woolly coat with a plush, white and fluffy trim? We think not!

It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and it’s not long until Mr Claus does his rounds, so why not prepare by planning a present bonanza for everyone in a Santa costume?

If you want to dress up as the man himself this year, just take a look at our selection of Santa costumes that includes everything from sporty Santas to superhero Santas!

These costumes will give you Christmas with a twist and, indeed, a heck of laugh, but if you want to stick to tradition, you can’t go wrong with our plush Santa suit! You’re bound to bag yourself a mince pie and a glass of brandy or two in that one!

Win a free costume for the Sport Relief mile 2012! Comments Off on Win a free costume for the Sport Relief mile 2012!

Posted on March 16, 2012 by admin

As we saw in the last blog post, Sport Relief is only a week away and to celebrate and show our support, we’ve launched two Competwitions to give away costumes to two dedicated fundraisers out there!

Sporty Spice Girl Costume118 118 Costume

The Sport Relief mile grows in popularity every time it comes around and some runners just won’t do it without a costume – it’s a necessity of charity fundraising for some of us. So, to help a couple of runners spend less (or, for that matter, nothing!) on the costume and raise as much money as they can for Comic Relief this year, we’ve put a 118 118 costume for the guys and a Sporty Spice costume for the gals up for grabs at Competwition.com!

(Well, we say one for the guys and one for the gals, but you’ll find nothing in the terms and conditions to say that you can’t be either for the day…you’re free to enter both Competwitions!)

The winners will get to keep the costumes forever, too, so there’s no need to go out and hire one for the day. 118 118 costumes are great for any scenario, so it can be your attire for the next party you attend, fancy dress or no fancy dress. Moreover, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee approaching fast, there are rumours that the Spice Girls are reforming for a celebratory gig, so you’ll be all kitted out for that if you win the Sporty Spice costume!

But for now, the focus is on the good causes behind Sport Relief. They – and every single fundraiser out there – have got our full support every step of the way.

All you need to enter is a Twitter account: go to competwition.com/fancydressball-sportrelief1 and competwition.com/fancydressball-sportrelief2 to put your name in the hat! The winner will be chosen at random and contacted within 48 hours of the Competwition end date.

Good luck!

Sexy Couples Theme Ideas Comments Off on Sexy Couples Theme Ideas

Posted on January 11, 2012 by admin

For a couple’s sexy fancy dress event, there are so many different ideas when it comes to complementary costumes. Depending on the general theme of the party, ideas range from cute and quirky, to downright silly, to glamorous or historical. But for general sexy fancy dress, here are a few ideas:

• For a circus theme, consider him as the ringmaster and her as the wildcat daring to be tamed. The Satin Bow corset for her also looks great as a circus performer’s outfit. We can see her on the high wire now.

• For a 1980s theme or general film theme, nothing is sexier than Top Gun. Just don’t forget the aviator shades.

• For a military theme, he can go as the military man while she goes up as his pin up girl. Alternatively, both can go in army costumes.

• Who doesn’t love a fireman? As a couple’s idea, he can go as the fire officer while she goes as a red-hot firefighter or backdraft babe.

• Consider matching his and her SWAT Commander costumes. Hers features a sexy three piece black costume with a zipper front garter dress, belt and hat. His is a four piece costume which includes a utility vest, shirt, kneepads and fingerless gloves.

• For a fantasy theme, we love the Evil Mad Hatter coupled with the Transylvania Temptress.  As an alternative, we also love the dazzling dark queen or one of the evil Alices.

• Gladiators are always sexy, so why not go as two sexy Spartans or as Hercules and Zena, Warrior Princess?

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