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Posted on December 13, 2013 by admin


A traditional Christmas look incorporates everything we love about the holiday period: a touch of magic, a sprinkle of good joy and a great big handful of glitter! Whether you’re looking to create a Christmassy look for a party, a night on the town or for Christmas day itself, we’ve got the low-down for every part of the look.

Think cheesy Christmas jumpers teamed with fluffy Santa hats, Victorian hairstyles with a little extra oomph, bright colours on your clothes and for your make-up, but most importantly, a whole lot of glamour.

The make-up method

The traditional Christmas make-up look is all about having fun with your products. For those who can feel a little intimidated by bright colours, Julia Graf has put together a brilliant video for an evergreen look.

The bright colours blend well with the glitter to give the make-up a deeper, more developed appearance. The combination of the two also work to make the eyes pop and are sure to compliment a whole range of skin tones.

This particular make-up combination is suitable for day or night time events and with a variety of hairstyles. Thick curls or ringlets will work well with the look for night time looks, while daytime would look brilliant with a top knot or bun.

The products

A highly pigmented eye-shadow will work well for this look, but for something with a little more edge that will last a lot longer, stage make-up will have a much brighter finish.


Red and green are the traditional Christmas colours and adding a touch of red glitter to small features on the face will help to give the look an extra touch of magic. Green grease paint will work especially well for those wearing the make-up whilst out on the town, while choosing even brighter neon green face paint is sure to make the look truly stand out from the crowd.

The alternative looks

There are plenty of fun ways to change this look according to your favourite Christmas colours. Just remember: the brighter, the better!

look one

This neon make-up manages to be both understated and astonishing as the eyes and lips gently draw attention to the most flattering areas of the face. The pink works incredibly well with the green, while the lips are beautifully bright.

look two

If you fancy yourself as Santa’s little helper this year, this look is as fun as it is well-executed. The lips are the perfect shade of red to really stand out, while a touch of silver or green glitter would really finish off the design around the eyes.

look three

A little more Gothic but not less festive, this look is inspired by the traditional elf design but uses defined eye-liner to add an extra edge. The false eyelashes have brought attention to the design and the darker colours have created the ideal night-time Christmas look.

What do you think to our traditional Christmas look? Why not leave us a comment on our Facebook page and let us know what you’re wearing this Christmas!

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The very best traditional Halloween party games! Comments Off

Posted on October 04, 2013 by admin


If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party this year, you might be thinking about taking it back to basics. While costumes, music, snacks and plenty of drinks will be on the cards, in the name of all things retro, you might be thinking about including some classic Halloween games!

Playing games with your friends isn’t just a lot of fun, but it’ll really make your party stand out from the rest! Plenty of traditional party games are suitable for all ages, and only become more fun the older you are!

Bobbing for apples


One of the best known and loved Halloween party games, bobbing for apples has been a staple of the holiday since Halloween parties began! You’ll probably remember playing this game as a child, and it’s only become more fun now that you’ve grown up!

To play a traditional version of this game, you’ll need to a find a big container that can be filled with water and apples. By kneeling on the floor, players will have to hold their hands behind their backs and use their mouths to grab hold of an apple! Be quick now, there’s only a minute on the clock…

For a grown up version, consider filling the container with a potent punch or cider to really kick things up a notch!

Pass the apple


Apple-based games are very traditional for Halloween, with pass the apple perfectly complementing the bobbing game!

Standing in a circle, participants must pass the apple around from person to person, using only their necks and chins in order to do so. Careful not to drop it! The apple will return to the start should it hit the floor.

Pie eating contest


Coming over from America is the pie eating contest! This is sure to get messy, so ensure you have someone on hand to deal with any spraying crust and cream!

Rather than attempting to eat a huge number of pies within a short period of time, contestants are given one fruit pie topped with whipped cream. Tying their hands behind their backs, the contestants then have one minute to consume as much of the pie as possible.

If you’re planning on having a drink whilst playing this game then take it easy – reduce the time by 30 seconds, or limit the amount of food available for people to eat.

Ghost stories


A great game to play towards the end of the night (for those still standing) is try to compete with one another to tell the scariest story! Story tellers can either go for something traditional like a haunted house story, or a little more modern (and gory!).

If you’re playing this game, the atmosphere is important. Turn off all the lights and light a single candle.

Ouija board


This adults-only game is sure to creep out even the bravest of participants. A board is really simple to make and even more simple to use, making it the perfect addition to any adult Halloween party.

Writing each letter of the alphabet on an individual scrap of paper, the letters are set out in a semi- or complete circle. Adding a smooth glass in the centre of the circle, each participant must place one finger on the glass. Ask a simple question, such as “is anybody out there?” and wait…

This game is truly not for the faint hearted! Some dispute the status of the Ouija board, with claimants from around the world suggesting that they have communicated with spirits while using the board, while others say it’s nothing short of nonsense…

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How to Make World Book Day 2013 One to Remember Comments Off

Posted on March 01, 2013 by admin

It might only be a week or so away, but there’s a chance that many of you lovers of literature won’t know that Thursday March 7th is World Book Day. It’s a great event where adults and kids celebrate their favourite reads by paying homage to famous fictional characters and authors in their own imaginative ways.

If you want to get the kids involved in this year’s World Book Day, there are a number of great things you could do with them to help them celebrate all that’s fun and exciting about getting lost in a good book. Here are just a few ideas if you’re struggling for inspiration:

Dress up like your favourite character

Most kids will have their favourites. Some will want to dress like Harry Potter (above) and cast a spell, while others might want to go back further in time and come as a Shakespearean character like Juliet. As well as being fun, they could maybe quote their favourite lines to help really get into the day in their World Book Day costumes.


(Click on the image above to visit the official World Book Day website.)

Read a story for the little ones

If you have kids who are, say, five or six years old, this is a great idea. Read from a book you enjoyed as a child using different voices for each character and watch them listen. You could even lay on a few snacks for the kids and their friends and make a day of it!

Play a game based on their favourite book

Some kids’ books such as the ‘Where’s Wally’ series are ideal for games. Why not play a game where you can see which one of your kids or their friends can find him the quickest – you could have hours of fun. Alternatively, you could get one of your kids to dress like Wally and play ‘hide and seek’, bringing the book to life!

World Book Day costumes for under £10! Comments Off

Posted on February 12, 2013 by admin

All excited kids and, indeed, parents out there will know that World Book Day is just around the corner, but you’ve still got plenty of time to nail the perfect children’s costumes for the big day.

We’ve got a choice of everything your little boy or girl could ever want to dress up as and, what’s more, we’ve slashed pounds and pennies off loads of them!

Take a look below to see our last minute bargains for your child’s World Book Day:

Victorian Poor Boy costume

What can we say, even a poor Victorian boy could afford this costume! At £9.99, it’s certainly one to be snapped up if your little lad wants to make an impression at school.

Victorian Girl Apron & Mop Cap

This one is even more of a bargain. For just under six quid, your girl can really look the part when it comes to learning about the Victorian era.

Robin Hood children’s costume

We have a costume that doubles up as Robin Hood and the magical Peter Pan, but this one is the costume of choice for any dedicated fan of the bow-and-arrow-wielding do-gooder.

Child Burglar costume

If your little boy might is a cheeky devil at times, this might be the perfect fancy dress costume for him. Just make sure he keeps his hands out of the cookie jar!

Child Belle Classic Disney costume

Ask any little girl about their favourite character from her favourite story and she’ll say Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This delightfully yellow dress even has a picture of Belle on the front, so there’s no mistaking who she is on World Book Day.

Children’s Medieval Lord costume

With sizes up to aged 10, this costume is the right choice for every young wannabe medieval lord! Don’t forget the crusader set that comes with the vital shield, an axe and an almighty sword.

20 Amazing World Book Day Costumes for your Kids Comments Off

Posted on January 23, 2013 by admin

World Book Day is fast approaching, so it’s time we all start planning for our world book day costumes for our kids on the big day!

We’ve pulled together 20 of the best costumes – 10 girls, 10 boys – for you and your child to make the perfect choice on the 7th March, so have a look through and let us know your favourite!

1.       Harry Potter deluxe school robe

Wingardium leviosa! Levitate your child to the top of the class by sending him to school in a Harry Potter costume!

2.       Joseph children’s costume

Take it back to the sacred times of baby Jesus and dress your child up as Joseph on World Book Day. It’s an excellent and affordable choice for the big day.

3.       Child Horrid Henry costume

Horrid Henry has made a bit of name for himself – so much so that he’s a popular choice for children’s costumes in March every year.

4.       Oompa Loompa factory worker children’s costume

It’s hard to not recognise the Oompa Loompa, no matter how old you are. It’ll be hard to recognise your own child in this convincing outfit from the Wizard of Oz!

5.       Lil’ Hobo costume

If your lil’ man feels like dossing it at school for a day, kit him out in this lil’ hobo costume! It comes complete with the bow tie and hankerchief!

6.       Deluxe Robin Hood/Peter Pan boy costume

Who wouldn’t want a costume that doubles up as two great characters from years gone by?! In the morning, he can be archer vigilante Robin Hood, in the afternoon, he can transform into the magical wunderkind Peter Pan!

7.       Where’s Wally children’s costume

Where’s Wally is where it’s at. This is a very popular costume that will sell out quick, so make sure you find out who your lad wants to be before it’s too late.

8.       Dennis the Menace children’s costume

The little boy in you might make you want to dress up as Dennis the Menace yourself, but this is strictly for kids only…sorry dads!

9.       Sherlock Holmes boy costume

If he fancies himself as a bit of a detective at school, this is the ideal costume for him. Sherlock Holmes never fails to impress.

10.   Poor Victorian boy children’s costume

Talk about roughing it. Take your boy back to the Victorian times to teach him just how they used to live and dress – there are no football shirts in sight here!

11.   Alice costume

Alice is the perfect choice for every little girl who just wants to dream a little! This classic costume is bound to make her the cutest in the class!

12.   Children’s Mary costume

To match the boys’ Joseph costume, this Mary costume is the perfect choice for a World Book Day with a religious theme.

13.   Harry Potter Gryffindor children’s robe

Harry Potter is still taking the world by storm and that shows in the quality of this Gryffindor costume. Make it a magical day for your little girl with this one!

14.   Where’s Wally Wenda girls’ costume

Where’s Wally isn’t himself without wee Wenda. Complete with the classic round-framed glasses, this costume is sure to make an impact at school on the 7th March.

15.   Dorothy children’s costume

Every girl has got to dress up as Dorothy at some point in their childhood, so perhaps this is the one for your child.

16.   Miss Muffet children’s costume

Miss Muffet is the perfect choice if your little girl wants to scare the boys off with that gigantic spider on her dress!

17.   Child Juliet costume

If she fancies herself as a bit of a romantic, this Juliet costume has to be the costume of choice for your girl.

18.   World War II girls evacuee costume

This is one of the most popular children’s costumes at this time of year. The World War II costume will get her in the mood to learn a bit more about the trouble and strife of our predecessors.

19.   Posh Victorian girl children’s costume

Going a couple more generations back, we get to the Victorian costumes. This posh outfit will have her speaking in RP before the school day ends!

20.   Child Belle classic Disney costume

Every little girl wants to be Belle. This delightfully cute yellow dress costume will have all the beastly boys at school chasing her round the playground.

The Cutest Kids’ Costumes on Pinterest! Comments Off

Posted on January 16, 2013 by admin

We were surfing around the social media darling that is Pinterest this morning and came across some pretty adorable kids’ costumes, so we thought we’d share them with you right here. Prepare to be overwhelmed with cute!

1.       Homemade Piñata costume

Pinterest user: Rachel @ SunScholars

Image source:
























2.       Homemade Owl costume

Pinterest user: Patty Schaffer

Image source:

3.       Big Bird costume

Pinterest user: Heather Mann

Image source:

4.       Melon baby

Pinterest user: Annabel Karmel

Image source:

5.       Masked Owl costume

Pinterest user: Melissa Saulsbury

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Top Kids Costumes for 2013! Comments Off

Posted on January 08, 2013 by admin

We all dress up because we’re all kids, everyone knows that. But when it comes to genuine kids costumes for our own little ones, it’s fair to say that some of us get even more excited!

2013 is set to be a great year for children and fancy dress, especially in March with World Book Day in the UK and Ireland (now only eight weeks away!). Here we take a look at some of the best costumes for children out there:

Deluxe Robin Hood boy costume

Every little lad wants to be Robin Hood. Whether it’s for a birthday party or a school celebration like World Book Day, this is perfect to put a smile on every boy’s face. What’s more, it also doubles up as a brilliant Peter Pan costume!

Deluxe Dorothy children’s costume

If Robin Hood is a little lad’s dream, the Dorothy costume is just right for the girls! We can’t provide wee Toto to sit by her side, but the costume is sure to take everyone back to the nostalgia of the Wizard of Oz!

Where’s Wally children’s costume

One of classic costumes for all ages, Where’s Wally is always a winner. This officially licenced costume is the ideal choice for World Book Day for your boy.

Where’s Wally Wenda girls’ costume

The character is not just restricted to boys, either, as we have this brilliant girls’ costume of the same ilk. Upset the apple cart and send an unexpected Where’s Wenda to school on World Book Day!

Top 4 Christmas Costumes for Kids Comments Off

Posted on December 11, 2012 by admin

If there is anything kids love (almost) as much as the presents in this festive season, it’s dressing up! Whether it’s for a school nativity play or a party at home, fancy dress is amongst the favourite things of any child.

Our childrens Christmas costumes are the perfect opportunity to make this an extra special holiday for your kids. We’ve put together a top 4 list to give you some inspiration:

Little Ginger Man costume

If you really want your little boy to win the cutest costume prize this Christmas, the little gingerbread man outfit is the perfect choice. It comes in sizes that range from 3 to 9 years old and is complete with the trousers, top, headpiece and gloves.

Children’s Mary costume

Ideal for a nativity play, this Mary costume fits ages 4 to 12 and comes with the headpiece and robes to complete the look. This one is sure to make the school play one to remember for all the parents as well as the kids!

Reindeer costume

Who can go through Christmas without dressing up as a reindeer? This reindeer jumpsuit is a great way to put a big smile on your little boy’s face (and its cosiness might just send him to sleep went you want to put your feet up!).

Santa’s Little Helper costume

Go even cuter with the Santa’s Little Helper costume for your little girl. It’ll certainly be a Christmas to remember with your little one running around in character, handing out presents to all the family!

Last Minute Halloween Preparations Comments Off

Posted on October 30, 2012 by admin

If you are hosting a Halloween party but you have struggled to prepare because of the frantic demands of modern life, fear not! Fancy Dress Ball has dug out some great last minute preparations for you to still make it a party to remember!


Have you ever thought of a Halloween-themed wreath? It’s the perfect time of year for it! Scour the streets for some autumnal leaves and twigs for the basis of the wreath, stick random Halloween decorations made of cotton wool to it and voila! (Courtesy of Love in the Suburbs).


We can’t take credit for this one – Martha Stewart can – but the pumpkin party cooler is one of the best and simplest Halloween ideas we’ve ever seen. If you have a spare pumpkin at home or can get hold of one, simply cut the top off it, fill it with ice and stick your drinks in to keep them cool all night!

Pumpkin Party Cooler


There are so many quick, simple things you can do with food for Halloween that it’s hard to pick and choose! Brownies always go down well at a party – all you need is icing and orange and green food colouring to make them ghoulish! These tasty looking treats are from Mummy Pages:



The First Official Superman Trailer has Arrived! Comments Off

Posted on July 23, 2012 by admin

Amidst all the hype about The Dark Knight Rises (which, by the way, is awesome), a teaser trailer for the new Superman movie has been released. Christopher Nolan, the acclaimed director of the Batman trilogy, is a producer and writer on the movie, with Zack Snyder (300) as director.

The trailer, narrated by Kevin Costner, is only a teaser and doesn’t reveal too much detail, but that doesn’t mean that it fails to get superhero fans in the mood! Man of Steel is a reboot of a classic Superman with British actor, Henry Cavill, as the superhero himself and Michael Shannon as General Zod, Superman’s nemesis.

Very little detail about the movie has been released, with cryptic comments from Nolan doing nothing to satisfy the Hollywood hunger of us superhero fanatics. The respected director is quoted as saying “I don’t want to say too much about it because they’re at the beginning of their process in terms of post-production. I think what Zack and Henry are doing is going to make a remarkable impression” (Digital Spy).

We all have a year to get our Superman costumes ready, but in the same way as The Dark Knight Rises was worth waiting for, Man of Steel will rock 2013 Batman has rocked 2012!