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Movie Party Special Comments Off

Posted on March 07, 2014 by admin


Last week saw the end of this year’s award season with the 86th Academy Awards. If you’re planning a film –themed party to celebrate the winners (and the losers) or just need an excuse to dress up as your favourite character, we’ve got some great ideas to inspire you.

American Hustle

David O’Russell’s 70s flick American Hustle received a whopping 10 nominations at this year’s Academy Awards, yet sadly came away with nothing. But as the film that received the most nominations in 2014, there’s still every reason to dress up in your 70s get-up for your movie-based bash.

We love this great tutorial from Punk Chyaz, which shows you how to achieve a cool Jennifer Lawrence-inspired look from the film.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s tale of 80s yuppie greed didn’t win any awards at this year’s Oscars, but as it’s one of the most talked about films this year, there’s every reason to reach for a massive mobile phone, slap on some khakis, a bright polo shirt and complete with a sweater over the shoulders. Don’t forget to slick back your hair and turn up your collar!

Image 1

 The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby came away with the award for best costume design, for its fresh and fabulous flapper outfits. If you’re going for a Great Gatsby themed ensemble, then this gorgeous hairstyle will really finish off your look.

Check out our BAFTAs special for more ideas on how to achieve and award winning 20s style!

Image 2

And the rest…

If you’re going for something a little more fun with your costume why not dress in style and celebrate the film that swept the board at this year’s Oscars: Gravity.

Iron Man 3 was also in the list of this year’s nominees, so if you’ve always fancied yourself as playboy and entrepreneur Tony Stark, now’s your chance to become one of Marvel’s most well-loved superheroes!

And the rest#

Just for fun…

Star Trek: Into Darkness was also nominated for an award, but even if you don’t fancy sporting the Spock ears and blue sweater yourself, you might have a furry friend who’d love to be involved in your Oscar celebrations!

Image 3

Throwing a movie-themed party this year? Share your ideas over on our Facebook page!

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Get the look… 80s pop princess Comments Off

Posted on January 24, 2014 by admin


It may be the decade that style forgot, but an 80s theme is one type of party that never goes out of style. While most everyday 80s fashion revolved around leggings, shoulder pads and bad perms, the pop stars of the decade were known for their more iconic looks.

Looking for tips to complete your 80s look? We’ve got loads of hair and make-up tips to make sure you achieve that unique 80s pop princess look.

Get the look… 80s make-up

Back in the 80s, subtle make-up was practically non-existent. Dark eyebrows, bright, neon eye shadows, bold lipstick and lots of blusher was the only way to go. Check out this totally rad 80s make-up tutorial from Kandee Johnson.

Neon eye-shadow

You can really get creative with your eye-makeup, especially as you don’t need to worry about blending or matching colours together. Neon colours work especially well to create a striking 80s look.

Image 1

The 80s was all about massive hair, so toss those hair straighteners aside and prepare to add plenty of volume! This is a brilliant look that can quickly be achieved back back-combing your hair and using lots of hairspray.

Image 2

The products

It’s all about accessorising your 80s look. These neon crayons will help you to achieve your striking 80s eye make-up. If you’re looking for ways to retro your outfit, then neon leg-warmers and brightly fluorescent beads are a great way to accessorise your costume.


Alternative looks

Of course, you can’t talk about 80s style without talking about Madonna – a pop princess who’s unique style and inventive outfits have made her an 80s legend.

Rather than opting for bright colours, opt for some striking black eyeliner, false eyelashes and bold red lipstick.

Image 3

If you’re going for the complete 80s Madonna look, then try putting your hair up into a French pleat, with plenty of volume on top. Don’t forget to accessorise with plenty of chains, necklaces and bangles!

Image 4

Got an 80s look that transforms you into a total Betty? Share your ideas on our Facebook page!

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Celebrity Halloween roundup 2013 Comments Off

Posted on November 01, 2013 by admin

As you’re wiping up the fake blood and face paint this morning, spare a thought for the celebrities who are facing hours of cleaning ahead of them post-Halloween 2013! Some of these celebrities went all-out for Halloween this year, dressing up in some of the best costumes we’ve ever seen!

Lucky for us, these celebs gave us a first-hand glimpse into their Halloween parties and celebrations through Twitter and Instagram! Maybe some of these will serve as inspiration for Halloween 2014…

Lily Allen

Lily treated us to her Halloween nails yesterday – little did we know there was much more to come! Dressing as an alien while performing onstage, we’re sure Lily’s water bill is going to go through the roof this month trying to wash off all that green paint!


Holly Willoughby

Holly always looks glamourous and her Halloween costumes were no exception! Treating us to two looks in one day, Holly initially tweeted this surreal and stunning butterfly effect to her four million Twitter followers…


…and then went on to give us the added bonus of a ultra-glam devil looks! Very gothic, pretty simple and incredibly effective!


Miley Cyrus

As one of the most talked about celebrities in the world right now, fans had big expectations for Miley’s costume! The singer went on to surprise us all with a costume inspired by Lil Kim’s performance at MTV’s VMA performance in 1999!


Jack Whitehall

The posh comedian has had a great year and clearly decided to go all-out to celebrate on Halloween! This demonic costume would be pretty intimidating if it wasn’t for Jack’s loveable facial expresions… Sorry Jack, we just can’t take you too seriously!



Rihanna teased her followers for several hours showing sneak peaks of her costume, until finally revealing her costume at the centre of a collage surrounded by her friends!


Queen B herself revealed an absolutely stunning costume that left many of her fans gobsmacked! This angelic costume was a real treat to see, even if it wasn’t quite Halloween-y!

Heidi Klum

Last, but by no means least, the Queen of Halloween herself Heidi Klum didn’t dissapoint this year with another amazing example of how to really do a Halloween costume. Heidi revealed the process of the application of her costume throughout the day on Instagram, which lead to this amazing costume that made her almost unrecognisable! Congratulations Heidi, you’ve won Best Celebrity Costume for yet another year running!

Twitter explodes with Halloween fun! Comments Off

Posted on October 31, 2013 by admin

Welcome to a very special post showcasing the best in Halloween 2013 tweets! To celebrate this most spooky of holidays, we’ve found the best home-made costumes, make-up, nail art and celebrity tweets for All Hallow’s Eve!

Celebrity tweets

Even the celebrities have been getting involved in Halloween this year, sending brilliant snaps of their costumes and make-up to their millions of followers.

Lily Allen (@lilyallen) has always been a big fan of nail art and it’s great to see her spooky but classy version this Halloween!



TV writer Graham Linehan (@Glinner), the mind behind audience favourites Father Ted and The IT Crowd, might not have dressed up this Halloween, but instead tweeted out a brilliant The Simpsons themed costume…



Goth comic Noel Fielding (@noelfielding11) treats every day like Halloween, choosing fancy dress over jeans and a tee shirt every day! Today he’s claiming the day for himself and his extravagent fans, wearing a brilliant vampire cape and carrying a rather jazzy skull bag!



Puns galore!

There’s noting quite like a costume that incorperates word play to make a really funny home-made costume!

A great, basic costume comes from @ryan_buckingham, whose dressed today as a ‘cereal killer’…



Something perhaps a little less obvious but absolutely fantastic is this effort from @bryanongg as a ‘ceiling fan’…

The Fifty Shades of Grey costume has been popular on Twitter, but we have to say that this one from @Pulso_Rojo is our personal favourite…



Animal magic!

There’s nothing better than dressing your pets up on Halloween in some really funny and cute costumes. These are the pick of the best from Twitter…

This Vampire Hedgehog couldn’t be any cuter, even if he wants to suck our blood! @Wangleberry



This adorable kitten is dressed as a witch for Halloween this year – let’s hope she doesn’t put a spell on us! @Earth-Pics



Finally, here’s a dog that’s not looking too happy about there being photographic evidence of his seal costume… @958capbreakfast


Get the Black Swan look this Halloween! Comments Off

Posted on October 11, 2013 by admin


One of our most popular costumes for this year, Gothic Swan Masquerade Costume, is the perfect costume for anyone taking inspiration from Natalie Portman’s balletic thriller Black Swan (2010). Classical, feminine and oh-so-gothic, it’s a fantastic costume for those looking to really make a statement this Halloween!

It is, of course, the smaller details that can make or break a Halloween costume, and in the case of this gothic piece, the make-up can really make you stand out from the crowd!

Many people can feel a little intimidated when contemplating taking on a signature make-up piece, but with the right equipment, a good amount of guidance and a pinch of artistic flare, anyone can recreate their favourite looks from the movies!

The method

For an expert guide to the shapes and application needed to achieve this particular famous look, Courtney Little has created this tutorial, taking you through the process each step at a time!

This tutorial is the perfect starting point to understanding how to take on the look. Courtney has a confident hand and a bold approach to the look, and she doesn’t get intimidated or flustered by little mistakes!

It can be daunting to draw directly on top of pure white make-up, so if you’re a new-comer to the world of costume make-up, practice drawing the shapes so you can become familiar with them before you start!

The products

To achieve the look, some of your everyday items such as dark eye shadow and eyeliner work really well, but you will also need to invest in some costume make-up to really achieve the look.

This Beetlejuice Make-Up Kit is perfect for beginners, as it combines the white cream and dark eyeliner needed for the majority of the look. Likewise, the Face and Body Paint by Smiffy’s in White and Black can help you create a great look without breaking the bank.

To achieve a professional finish, these sponge applicators will ensure a smooth and blended look that will seem like it’s been created by a professional!

The alternative looks

If you’re feeling a little more daring and creating your own interpretation of this stunning look, there are plenty of ways to make the Gothic Swan your own.

pinterest 1

This particular piece is wonderfully gothic and great for anyone with a little experience in not only achieving a splashed effect, but also in attaching eyebrow and lash extensions.

pinterest 2

While this looks incredibly complex, time, patience, a steady hand and some lace can achieve this beautiful look that would work so well with this particular costume.

pinterest 3

If you want something with a little more colour, this is a really easy look to achieve using white, black and turquoise face and body paint. The originality comes from the daring lines and uneven finish, meaning even beginners can take this on.

Images via:

Image One: Wikicommons

Image Two: Pinterest

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Image Four: Pinterest

Perfectly evil: Top 5 evil actors Comments Off

Posted on September 20, 2013 by admin



To celebrate Halloween only being a few short weeks away, we’re celebrating the actors who scare us all year round. Whether it’s through a disarming charm or downright evil intentions, these actors were born to play villains.

Many of these actors have appeared in various roles, as both good and bad guys, but their bad guy performances have been nothing short of stand out. Whether they’re seasoned villains or deviating from their type cast, no-one can send shivers down our spines quite like these five actors.

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio has played a huge range of characters throughout his career, transforming him from heart throb status to genuine Hollywood legend. No character he has played however has been quite as outright evil as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained.

It is DiCaprio’s charm that makes this character so despicable. He successfully utilises his charisma we so enjoy in his other roles, forces us as an audience to find him amiable, and then turns from slightly evil to outright detestable!

Jarvier Bardem

While Bond villains are famous for their extravagant, almost cartoonish personas, Bardem’s role as Silva in 2012’s Skyfall completely reinvented what a Bond villain is. Cold, calculating and unpredictable, he is the perfect match for 007 himself.

Bardem plays the character with perfect balance; it pays respect to the previous actors to take on the antagonist’s role in the Bond franchise through a devilish attitude and over-the-top actions, but it is when he is talking to Bond one-on-one that the actor truly shines.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix has a unique acting method, as he is able to take even likeable characters  and provide them with natural, human depth, showing that no one character is truly good or truly bad. It was his turn as Commodus in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, however, that truly showed how evil this actor could be.

He seems to have travelled from the period itself as he so perfectly embodies the arrogance and mentality that must have surely come from a position of such power. Whether he is loud and aggressive or quietly threatening, the actor has a wonderful ability to simply make your skin crawl.

Heath Ledger

From a heart throb in A Knight’s Tale and 10 Things I Hate About You, to a sensitive, conflicted cowboy in Brokeback Mountain, it is a telling thing that Ledger’s most celebrated role has been as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

The Joker is perhaps one of the best known villains from the Batman franchise, and many were unhappy with Ledger as the choice for the role. However, the power and pure evil he brought to the character has only served to widen the adoration found for this villain who is, arguably, now more popular than Batman himself.

Brad Dourif

A quiet, criminally under-recognised actor, Dourif came to fame as the insecure and vulnerable Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and has gone on to have a varied and rich acting career. It was his role as Grima Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings franchise that brought his abilities to a mainstream audience, as he transformed himself into a sickly, purely evil character.

It is his slimy, manipulative performance that sees him crowned as one of cinema’s greatest villainous actors. While others have shown themselves to be powerful, scene-stealing villains, Dourif is understated and all the more creepy for it, perfectly playing against the other characters on screen.

Image via:

Wikimedia Commons

The best of fest: Festival highlights 2013 Comments Off

Posted on September 06, 2013 by admin


Bestival is taking place this weekend with headlining acts Elton John, Snoop Dogg and Fatboy Slim playing out the end of the mainstream festival season here in the UK. With an eclectic mix of acts taking to stages all across the country, it’s been one of the best summers of music to date!

Now that summer has officially ended (according to the weather in any case!), you might be missing those hedonistic weekends spent with good friends, lots of drink and great music. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of this year’s festivals…

The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury

Event organiser Michael Eavis called the set “the high spot of 43 years” according to BBC News, which is high praise indeed coming from the man who has hosted some of the greatest live sets seen from festivals across the world.

Despite the huge and continual success of the band, this was their debut performance at Glastonbury, a fact recognised by Mick Jagger as he talked to the crowd throughout the set: “We waited a long time…It’s great to be here doing this show, doing this festival.

“After all these years they finally got round to asking us.”

Those who preferred to watch the show from the comfort of their own sofa also got in on the act, with 2.5 million people tuning in to watch the set on BBC Two. The volume of the audience actually managed to break a record which was previously held by U2 who attracted 2.1 million to watch on TV.

The band posted a great shot of themselves before heading to the stage for the first time on Twitter:

Kraftwerk at Latitude

The legendary German techno group Kraftwerk headlined Saturday night at the mixed-arts festival, giving an exclusive British festival performance of their much-talked about set at the Tate London. Alongside playing a wide range of hits for the adoring crowd, they also created one of the most unique stage productions seen at a festival this year. Handing out free 3D glasses throughout the day, the band performed in front of a huge 3D screen, which hosted a wide range of different 3D videos and images, leaving many spellbound by the set. Richard Hughes of band Keane tweeted his appreciation of the set:

 Eminem at Reading and Leeds

Alongside Biffy Clyro and Green Day, rap superstar Eminem was a surprise third headliner for the double location festival, typically the reserve of pure rock. Preceded by Chase and Status, the crowd was suitably excited for the event come nightfall. It was the rarity of Eminem’s appearances which made this such a unique event, with most festival-goers aware this may be the only chance to see the star. With a huge mix of new tracks with his most famous hits, it was when Dido appeared as a surprise guest during Stan which lead the crowd into a deafening roar of appreciation, showing that just because Em’s been away for the while, he still hasn’t lost it! Dido shared the special moment with fans over Twitter with a video of her performance on the Leeds stage:

Best of the fancy dress!

It’s not a festival without some fancy dress! A Glastonbury reveller shared a shot of his fancy dress as he packed for the weekend:


Dermot O’Leary tweeted about the fancy dress theme before his DJ set at Latitude:

Finally, these guys certainly made an impression at Leeds Festival before the rain hit!


Image via Wiki Commons

Dead funny: Top 5 horror-comedy films! Comments Off

Posted on August 30, 2013 by admin

Simon_Pegg_SDCC_2013_(2)The horror-comedy film is an increasingly popular sub-genre of horror, providing a genuinely scary horror narrative and slipping in some truly hilarious comedy alongside. Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is attributed as “the first great comedy-horror story” as it both scared and amused readers in equal measure.

Horror is such a popular genre amongst film lovers as it allows them the thrill and adrenaline release of a dangerous situation in complete safety; horror-comedy therefore allows audience members to laugh at their fears and refuse to confront demons, phobias and death with whimsy.

The first horror-comedy was Haunted Spooks, released in 1920, though it was in the late 90s and early 00s wherein the genre really found its market. Here are five of the best if you like your laughs as much as your scares!

Shaun of the Dead 2004

Highly praised and considered one of the best horror-comedies of all time, Shaun of the Dead is the small British indie flick which turned its stars into international icons.

With some seriously gory special effects and a great comedy cast including Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Lucy Davis, Dylan Moran and Bill Nighy, alongside cameos from popular comedy actors including Jessica Stevenson, Martin Freeman Reece Shearsmith and Tamsin Greig, the film was a visual love letter to the genre.

Scream 1996

Using comedy in an entirely different way to Shaun.., Scream successfully uses satire to highlight the conventions used during a period of time wherein horror was considered a ‘cheap’ form of entertainment.

Attributed to reviving the genre and proving big name actors should consider such roles, the humour in Scream balances the intense nature of an otherwise classic slasher flick. Given the lesser acclaimed sequels it’s easy to dismiss Scream but now is the time to revisit the film and appreciate the smart writing and excellent acting.

The Cabin in the Woods 2012

Another horror-comedy which uses satire for the comedic effects, Joss Whedon created this horror film which references essentially every horror trope in modern cinema. Playing on a typical ‘teenagers holidaying in a remote wood’ storyline, the narrative is twisted for black comedy effect.

One of the few horror-comedies to be successfully truly frightening, this is a perfect addition to any Halloween horror fest. With gore, jumps and a lot of laughs, Whedon wrote one of the best horror films of the 21st Century whilst criticising the modern genre at the same time.

ParaNorman 2012

This stop-motion animation is perfect for the entire family as it provides plenty of gentle scares whilst using humour and morality to balance the horror elements.

Dealing with the topic of death in a family film is never easy, but directors Sam Fell and Chris Butler have managed to create a lesson for children and adults alike which boldly dares to approach topics no other family film has successfully dealt with before.

Zombieland 2009

One of the most successful horror-comedies at the international box office of all time, Zombieland is a hilarious comedy that chooses to approach the horror aspect with a tongue-in-cheek style using gross make up and elaborate use of weapons to keep the tension up.

The Bill Murray cameo is perhaps one of the funniest cameos of all time, with Murray showing complete and utter willing to parody himself and the perception society may have of him as an actor.

Image via Wikicommons

Celebrities walk the floor of Comic-Con 2013 in awesome costumes! Comments Off

Posted on August 08, 2013 by admin

Comic-Con, the ultimate geek convention, is as famous for its costumes and cosplay as it is for its amazing range of panels, merchandise and sneak previews of up-and-coming TV and film. In fact, you’re more likely to feel out of place in standard clothing than you would dressed up!


Fans and admirers spend huge amounts of time putting together incredibly complex and realistic costumes replicating their favourite characters from film, TV, computer games and literature, with some amazing results.

It’s not just the fans who enjoy the thrill of the fancy dress though – there are plenty of celebrities getting in on the action too!

Director and writer Edgar Wright, known for Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, talked to Michael Cera for Wired about being a celebrity at Comic-Con: “Comic-Con is an interesting barometer of fame. I remember walking the convention floor with Nick Frost, and that made it easy to gauge your fame ratio.

“You would walk for 10 minutes, and 20 people would stop Nick and go, “Dude, Shaun of the Dead!” And then one out of those 20 would go, “Hey, you’re Edgar Wright!” Simon Pegg went around the convention floor wearing a Joker type mask.”

Simon Pegg

Ultra-geek Simon Pegg has made his career based upon his love of pop and geek culture, so the British actor would never miss a chance to walk the convention floor to check out some of his favourite shows.

But how would Pegg, now a star around the world, do so without being spotted?

Pegg tweeted this to his followers during the convention, showing exactly how to do the walk without being surrounded by fans! His costume is a dedication to his Shaun of the Dead character, right down to the “bit of red” on his white shirt. The actor and writer shared his enjoyment of the convention with his followers at the end of the event with a fun picture of himself and friend Edgar Wright:


Bryan Cranston

Previously of Malcolm in the Middle, Bryan Cranston has made a huge name for himself as chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cook Walter White in the phenomenally successful Breaking Bad. Cranston was set to appear in the all-star panel with the rest of the cast to talk about the final eight episodes of the show, released in August.

The multi-award winning actor didn’t want to miss a chance to walk the floor, and came up with a hilarious disguise…

Matt Smith

If there is one celebrity who could never walk the floor undisguised, it’s Matt Smith. As the current Doctor in the BBCs internationally adored Doctor Who, Smith has been unable to leave the backstage area every year he has attended Comic-Con as far too many excited fans would surround him.

As 2013s convention would prove to be his last as the Doctor, Smith decided to take matters into his own hands and disguised himself as Bart Simpson:

Smith seems disappointed that many Doctor Who fans were unwilling to talk to him about the show – we bet they were kicking themselves after seeing this video!

Image: Andrew Horne

Fearne Cotton Takes the Cake at Fancy Dress Party Comments Off

Posted on April 30, 2013 by admin

To celebrate Leigh Francis’ 40th birthday, a star studded-event was held where celebrity friends could show their fun side in fancy dress! The Celebrity Juice host, more commonly known as Keith Lemon, hosted a party with the best and brightest in TV and radio in attendance, making for some brilliant pictures the next day!

Fearne Cotton, a regular team leader on the ITV2 smash-hit show, was a highlight of the night as she revealed her first post-baby fancy dress choice. Fearne kept her Twitter followers up to date with the evening with pictures and funny updates.

Fearne gained over 1,000 retweets from her fans who loved the sweet ensemble, which may have hidden her post-baby bump but still showed off her great legs!

The TV and radio host is much-loved for her on-trend look, and she has shown her good taste continues with fancy dress!

The new mum also tweeted pictures with the birthday boy himself, who went gothic for the evening dressed as a Victorian vampire.

Holly Willoughby was also in attendance dressed as another busty blonde, country star Dolly Parton!

Jodie Marsh also kept Twitter fans entertained by posting a step by step guide to her elaborate Avatar-inspired costume.

Jodie stole the show with her vibrant costume and made the headlines thanks to the effort and commitment to the film!