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Arrrrrrrrr! It Be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball

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September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and we can’t wait.

The Day started out as a small celebration between a few friends with a bit of a pirate obsession (be honest – who doesn’t have a pirate obsession?), but quickly gained popularity and is now an international phenomenon. This year’s “TLAPD” is on a Friday, so it’s bound to be a fun one. Dust off your cutlass, track down that parrot, and let’s get going!

In celebration of this year’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, here are come fun pirate facts:

  • Pirates believed that wearing earrings would improve their eyesight. If you’re going all-out and dressing as well as talking like a pirate this year, you’d better find some big, shiny gold earrings to complete the outfit!
  • Pirates believed that whistling on a ship would cause bad weather. Ever heard of the saying, “whistling up a storm”? That’s where it comes from!
  • This site will tell you what your pirate name is!
  • According to historical documents, pirates probably did not have talking parrots… let’s just ignore that part though; we all want a talking parrot in our pirate costumes, don’t we?
  • Pirates have existed all over the world, across all centuries. The Vikings count as pirates too, since the definition of a pirate is anyone who commits crimes at sea. So if you’d rather wear a horned hat on the 19th, go right ahead!
  • The idea of a pirate having a peg leg probably came from Blackbeard, who lost one of his legs through diabetes.
  • In 1701, the famous pirate Captain Kidd was hanged for his crimes. His body was displayed in chains hanging above the River Thames to deter other would-be pirates. He stayed there for three years! So if you’re thinking of going as Captain Kidd, consider a zombie feel to your costume!
  • If you really want to immerse yourself in Talk Like A Pirate Day, you can change the language of your Facebook page to Pirate. Arrr!
  • Pirates drink grog, which was traditionally rum diluted with water or weak beer. Often sugar, lime juice or cinnamon were added to add some flavour. Worth bearing in mind if you’re thinking of hosting a pirate-themed party!

Here is some basic pirate chat, to get you started:

Ahoy! – hello

Avast! – Stop and have a look at this

Aye! – Yes, I agree

Aye aye! – Yes, sir.

Thar – There

Scurvy dog – the best insult ever

Some general guidelines to be going along with:

Drop all of your G’s. Rowin’, Sailin’. Fightin’.

Always speak in the present tense, but use “be” instead of “I.” I be, you be, they be.

Drop all of your Vs too: O’er, ne’er, e’er.

Start your sentences with Arrrr me hearty!

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