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80s Fashion for Men

Posted on March 17, 2010 by admin

There is no denying that the 1980s were pretty special in style terms, but in particular it was male fashions that really blossomed during the decade. Nowadays we seem to have forgotten those 80s ideals of male 80s flamboyance, however for the nostalgic (or brave!) amongst you it’s pretty easy to recreate some iconic 80s outfits for men.

Just like women’s 80s outfits, male fashion in the 80s was defined by its bright colours, including shocking pinks and bright yellows (yes, we are still talking men’s fashion!) and somehow men in the 80s were able to were such ultra bright colours and still look ultra-stylish. Think of Miami Vice, for example; an inspiration for many 80s men, where pink t-shirts were often combined with “preppy” looks to create a truly iconic style.

When thinking of the eighties, shoulder pads definitely spring to mind, and it is certainly true that women took centre stage in terms of business as well as fashion. However, men’s business ware also became an issue of power, consisting of strong designs with pinstripes and oversize suit jackets.

During the 80s, sports began to share the stage with a vibrant pop culture, and sports-ware began to be considered highly fashionable. These sports inspired outfits not were not only ultra-stylish and fashionable, but they were also brightly coloured, thus in-keeping with the flamboyancy of 80s outfits.

For 80s inspired fancy dress costumes that promote authenticity and style in equal measures, make Fancy Dress Ball your first port of call. We supply a wide range of men’s and women’s 80s fancy dress costumes to suit any preferences.

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