80s Fancy Dress – Michael Jackson

Posted on June 18, 2010 by admin

When it comes to 80s fancy dress parties, one of the coolest costumes for men has to be that of the 80’s most iconic pop star – Michael Jackson. Although Michael Jackson had been a star from his youth in the Jackson Five, it was in the 1980s that he became a global superstar with his thrilling music videos and amazing dance routines. Never resting on his laurels, Michael Jackson was diverse in his style as well as his music, meaning there is plenty of scope for your 80s fancy dress costumes.

Of course, the white socks and black shoes are the obvious choice for whichever fancy dress outfits you choose, but there are also the red leather trousers to consider with the classic red and black leather jacket. If you prefer his look from the ‘Billie Jean’ era then you will need a black tea-shirt and a white suit. However, if you want to be completely unique then you could really go the extra mile by ransacking the Halloween costume department and announcing yourself as a zombie from the ‘Thriller’ music video.

Remember, Michael Jackson still had afro hair in the early 1980’s so this can be another string to your bow as there are lots of 80s fancy dress wigs available to complete the look. No matter what Michael Jackson costume you choose, you are sure to make quite an impact at your 80s fancy dress party; just be sure to practice your moonwalk!

For a wide range of accessories suitable for creating an authentic Michael Jackson look, browse the Fancy Dress Ball website.

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