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July is Independent Retailer Month

July is Independent Retailer Month, a campaign led by Clare Rayner to highlight the role small, local independent businesses play in our community. Clare Rayner is the founder of “Support for Independent Retail,” a source of support, advice, ideas and inspiration to help independent retailers and consumer facing businesses. Independent retailers are very important. Not […]

Wimbledon is Coming!

Wimbledon starts today and we can’t wait! With Andy Murray’s recent win at Queen’s, can he earn himself another Wimbledon title? Today’s the day the excitement kicks off! In celebration the beginning of the world’s favourite tennis tournament, here are five things you might not know about Wimbledon… It’s the only major tennis Grand Slam […]

Friday is International Fairy Day!

This Friday is International Fairy Day, a day for all of us, young and old, to celebrate all things fairy. Fairies have been an important part of Celtic culture for centuries. These mythological creatures are depicted as mischievous and magical, with the ability to fly and cast spells. Fairies traditionally live in Tír na nóg, the […]

World Productivity Day

Today is World Productivity Day! A day for us all to be… more productive! And it’s a Monday too, so a brilliant way to start your week off. To celebrate, here are ten top tips to help you to be more productive… Make a list! Use something like Todoist to keep track of everything you need […]

Sunday is Garfield the Cat Day

This Sunday is Garfield the Cat Day. In fact, June 19th is actually Garfield’s birthday – since the first Garfield comic strip appeared on June 19th, 1978. In fact, you can see that comic strip here. The lazy, fat, cynical ginger cat with a love for lasagne and coffee is beloved by thousands the world […]

Wednesday is Smile Power Day!

This Wednesday 15th June is Smile Power Day. This is the day when you have an excuse to show off your beautiful pearly whites and smile to your heart’s content. Did you know that even if you’re feeling rubbish, smiling can make you feel better? It’s been scientifically proven that if you put a pen […]

Happy Upsy Daisy Day!

Today is Upsy Daisy Day! No… it’s nothing to do with that children’s TV show… as far as we know, at least! Upsy Daisy Day is a day designed to encourage us all to face our day positively. Why? Because it’s scientifically proven that a more positive outlook can help to alleviate stress and even […]

Thank God It’s Monday!

Today is Thank God It’s Monday Day. Today is the day when we all try to raise morale on a Monday. It seems to be a national (if not global) tradition to hate Monday mornings and to live for the weekends – but realistically, one in every seven days is a Monday. And if you […]

June is Great Outdoors Month!

June is Great Outdoors Month! What does that mean? It means we pray for a less traditional British summer, so that we can get outside and enjoy the great outdoors! Getting fresh air is good for you in so many different ways. It can aid in digestion, improve your blood pressure and strengthen your immune […]

Working on Bank Holiday Monday? Let’s Make It More Fun!

    Remember when you were at school, and a bank holiday meant a day off? These days so many of us seem to end up working on a bank holiday, which is pretty rubbish. Here are some ways you can make your bank holiday day at work a little more fun… There’s always someone […]

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