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90's Fancy Dress

90's Fancy Dress

“Girl Power” “Mad For It” “ Come On...We’re ‘Avin It” - 90’s fancy dress costumes are here! The 1990's represented one of Britains greatest decades when cool Britannia ruled the waves, well certainly the airwaves! The 90's delivered great music with some cool outfits too, a style which harked back to the sixties and made you proud to be British again. Relive your hedonistic days of being “Mad For It” and  screaming “Girl Power” with some amazing 90's costumes from our range of 90s fancy dress.

The 1990's

The 90‘s was the decade that gave the 80‘s a slap...especially the bouffant hairsprayed make up wearing new romantics and asked “Are you mad for it? then lets ‘ave it”!  The 1990’s bought us the Gallagher brothers and their beatle-esque mop top hairstyles and let boys become lads again, it was okay to drink and fight again, erm...sort of, with Liam and Noel from Oasis snarling and fighting...literally into the charts leading the fight against the American music scene armed in their trademark oversized sixties mod styled parkers and barnets, flying the flag of Britpop with other bands like Pulp and Blur and planting it firmly into American soil!

The 90‘s was a decade where Girls became...well, powered! With the Spice Girls own brand of feminism it wasn’t so much about burn your bra’s but more about hike up your bra’s, calling for girls to show off their sexuality and assets and be proud to be a girl and be empowered. When the Spice Girls performed at the 1997 brit awards, Geri Halliwell wasn’t shy showing off her “Girl Power” wearing a glittery Union Jack mini-dress, which has become one of pop’s most famed outfits from the 90’s. Also 1992 was named “Year Of The Woman” with a lot more women being elected into high office, so the 1990’s really was a decade of girl power!

Fancy Dress Balls range of 90’s fancy dress costumes and britpop wigs and mod parkers you can pull off the Gallagher-esque swagger or re-ignite “Girl Power” with our range of Spice Girl costumes.
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