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Remember the 1980s? The days of big hair and even bigger fashion statements brings so many fond memories flooding back for so many people that it’s hardly surprising that 1980's fancy dress outfits & costumes prove immensely popular even some 20 years or so after we bid farewell to leg warmers, the mullet and garish shell suits.
Looking back, it was an extraordinary decade and it was a case of the bolder the colour schemes the better as far as 80's dress sense was concerned, which pretty much means anything goes in terms of 80's costume ideas.
There are no end of 80s icons to draw inspiration from for partygoers desperate to turn back the clock for a few hours at least to an era when stars of the screen became overnight cult heroes. From Baywatch to Beetlejuice, Miami Vice to Mighty Mouse, Teen Wolf to Top Gun and Rainbow to Robocop, Fancy Dress Ball has a comprehensive range of 1980's fancy dress outfits & costumes, as well as those all-important neon accessories, fishnet gloves, boot covers, luminous tutus and outrageous wigs.
The music scene back in the 80s also contained plenty of fancy dress favourites, including Adam Ant, Boy George, Bon Jovi, Village People, Vanilla Ice, Madness, Michael Jackson and Queen.


So, young man (or woman) there’s no need to feel down about what to wear to that upcoming party - let Fancy Dress Ball take you go back to the 80s!

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