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Ladies 60's Fancy Dress

1960s fancy dress is one of our most popular ranges, especially for the ladies. The styles and prints are really fun and flattering to all shapes and sizes. Everyone loves dressing up and these outfits are a great way to re-live your youth… or your mum’s, or even your gran’s!  As you can see, we have a wide range of sixties costumes and accessories and we’re always adding new lines.

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Ah, the 1960s, home of psychedelic prints, the Summer of love, hippies and peace, maaaan! Even if you weren’t even born when they ended, there’s something about the sixties that just makes you wish you’d been there. Then again, many say if you can remember the sixties, you weren’t there!
The sixties was arguably the decade when the most happened. The world changed so much as to be virtually unrecognisable by the end of the decade, with so much political and social change, as well as fashion and music.
The sixties was the decade when popular music was first played on British radio. The decade of the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan and Hendrix, musicians who are still massively popular even 50 years later. It was also the decade of protests: civil rights, feminism, nuclear bombs. There were marches and protests and concerts the scale of which has never been since.

And of course, it was the decade of popular culture, with Britain leading the way. The fashions and iconic prints of the 60s are synonymous with the counterculture, with the subversive youth refusing to conform to their parents’ ideals. There were mods and rockers and Quadrophenia, Carnaby Street and the Kings Road.
Top of the Pops began in the sixties, around the same time that Twiggy found fame as a model. Suddenly, fashion was a big thing for everyone, and for the first time designers produced clothing suitable for teens and young adults. The fashions of the time were no longer dictated by big designers, but by the young people while the designers tried to keep up with them. 
There were flared trousers and bell bottoms, PVC dresses, batik fabrics, paisley prints, pillbox hats, vivid colours and bold, psychedelic prints. Mary Quant invented the mini skirt, and ladies’ fashion was never the same again, with A-line mini dresses following shortly afterwards.  We are really proud of our range of sixties fancy dress costumes for ladies; we’ve even got a fab sassy Operation costume! There’s everything from printed bell bottoms to fringed tops and dresses. And of course the iconic black and white two-tone dresses and caps that were so famous back then. You can be a disco diva or a flower hippie; even a female Elvis. The bikini also became widely popular in the sixties - though we doubt many people would be brave enough to wear one to a fancy dress party!
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